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What are my responsibilities as a Protected Account holder?


  • Download the GXS app from official app stores only (Apple App store or Google Play Store).
  • Install your app and device updates promptly. 
  • Install and maintain the latest anti-virus software on your device.
  • Change your passcode regularly and do not share it with anyone.
  • Read notifications that may be sent by the bank very carefully.
  • Report to GXS immediately if you notice any unauthorised or erroneous transaction.
  • Keep your contact details (such as mobile number and email address) up to date with GXS so that we can send you transaction alerts.
  • Monitor your transaction alerts and account statements for any unauthorised and erroneous transactions.

Do not:

  • Disclose your banking credentials such as passcode and Singpass ID to anyone else for any purpose at all, including to initiate or execute payment transactions involving your account.
  • Use a passcode that can be easily guessed, such as your birthday, wedding day, or 123456. 
  • Store or keep a record of your access code or Singpass ID in a way that allows any third party to easily misuse them.
  • Click on web links in push notifications or emails to access our website as these may be phishing attempts. Please always type our URL: into the browser’s address bar.
  • Allow third parties to register their fingerprint or Face ID on your device.

The above practices are not exhaustive of all the measures you should take to protect your account. For further information, you can visit:

  1. Terms of Use
  2. Acceptable Use Policy
  3. Security Tips
  4. Deposit Account Terms
  5. GXS FlexiLoan Terms and Conditions
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