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Can I increase my lucky draw chances?

You will not increase your chances by drawing additional loans during the campaign period. You will be awarded only one chance in the lucky draw. However, your lucky draw chance will be carried forward to the subsequent monthly draw if you do not win a prize in the preceding draw.

Example 1
Customer drew 3 loans of S$5,000 each on 20 January 2024 (within the campaign period). All 3 loans will only be counted as 1 chance at the lucky draw. Each participant will only be allowed to win once. However, this means that an eligible participant can roll-over his/ her chance in the next draw, if he/ she did not win in the previous lucky draw.

Example 2
Customer did not win in the first lucky draw on 2 February 2024. In the second lucky draw on 4 March 2024, customer will be eligible for the draw again.

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