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I see 2 sections under the ‘Send Money’ screen. What is ‘Recent’ and what is ‘Favourite’?

The 'Recent' tab, shows all the payees you recently transferred funds to. This will include transfers performed via FAST, PayNow and Scan and Pay. Your recent payees are shown in chronological order, with the most recent transfer made listed at the top.

From this 'Recent' tab, you can then add a recent payee as a 'Favourite'. To do this, just select a payee from the list, tap on the star icon, provide a preferred name for the payee and save the payee as Favourite. This Favourite payee will now be shown in the 'Favourite' tab.

Congrats! You can now easily initiate a fund transfer to either a 'Recent' or a 'Favourite' payee with a single tap.

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