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How is my GXS account(s) protected?

Your data and account security are our utmost priority. To protect your account and information, we've set up a multi-layered defence against fraud.
  • We employ secure technology and protocols to keep your information and money safe. For example, only one device can access your GXS account at any time. Logging in to your GXS account on a new device will automatically deregister your old device.
  • We've established a dedicated anti-fraud team to monitor and review fraud alerts, and for intervention work.
  • We screen all transactions with our advanced monitoring and surveillance systems to detect unusual activities on our customers' accounts. This helps us prevent or intervene potential unauthorised transactions.

Apart from these measures, it's crucial to stay vigilant against fraud and scams. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach us at:

  • GXS app, Help Centre: GXS Chat
  • GXS app, Help Centre: Contact Us form
  • GXS Hotline: (+65) 3105 2055
  • GXS Customer Support Email:
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