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What should I do to protect myself from malware?

Here are some tips to protect yourself from malware!

  • Download apps from official or trusted app stores, such as Apple Store, Google Playstore, Samsung Galaxy Store, Huawei Store, Xiaomi Store, Amazon Store, Vivo Store or Oppo Store.
  • Install anti-virus software from reputable sources on your devices.
  • Always keep your applications (including your GXS app) and devices’ operating systems updated.
  • Be vigilant and question if it is necessary for an app to ask for full control over your device or access to sensitive information that it does not need, before downloading it on your device.
  • Protect yourself from known scams! Download the Scamshield app which blocks and reports suspected scam calls and SMSes. The app is developed by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC).

For IOS -

For Android -

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