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How do I fund my GXS Savings Account?

You can transfer money in 2 ways:

Bank transfer from another bank account:

  1. On the GXS homescreen, tap 'Add money'. You’ll see your GXS beneficiary name, account number, bank name, bank code, and branch code.
  2. Log in to a different bank account.
  3. In that bank account, key in your GXS Savings Account details to transfer money to your GXS Savings Account. You're good to go!

Via PayNow:

If you’ve linked your GXS Savings Account with PayNow, you can use your NRIC or phone number to transfer money to your GXS Savings Account via PayNow. If you haven't linked both yet,

  1. Go to 'Me'.
  2. Under 'My account', click 'Manage PayNow'.
  3. Register for PayNow with your NRIC or phone number.
  4. Enter a PayNow nickname. This is what others will see when they search for you via NRIC/phone number.
  5. Click 'Confirm' and your registration is complete!