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Why can’t I draw an Instalment Loan?

Sorry to hear that! Below could be some reasons why you can’t draw a new loan:

  1. 10 active loans: You can only borrow up to 10 loans at any one point in time from your available credit limit.
  2. Insufficient credit limit: You do not have sufficient credit limit to draw a loan.
  3. Drawdown in progress: You may have a drawdown that is pending.
  4. Balance-To-Income (BTI): Your total interest-bearing outstanding balance on all unsecured credit facilities across all banks in Singapore exceeds the industry-wide borrowing limit for 3 consecutive months. To find out more about BTI, refer here.
  5. 60 days past due: Any one of your loan was unpaid for 60 days past the due date.

The bank reserves the right to suspend the borrowing of loans for any other reasons.

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