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How do I draw a Balance Transfer loan from GXS FlexiLoan?

You can choose to transfer funds into a third-party bank account via PayNow held in your own name.

However, before initiating a drawdown, do ensure you have a third-party bank account connected to your PayNow, via mobile number and/or NRIC.

Here are the steps to borrow a Balance Transfer loan:

  1. Open your GXS app. On your GXS FlexiLoan home screen, tap on 'Borrow'.
  2. Select ‘Balance Transfer’ on the top bar. You may tap on the ‘change’ icon to change your loan type.
  3. Key in the amount you need. Note that a fee will be deducted from this amount.
  4. Select the tenure of your loan.
  5. If this is your first loan, you can choose the date which you prefer to pay monthly e.g. 15th of each month.
  6. Name your loan (to indicate its purpose!).
  7. Select where you’d like to transfer your loan to.
  8. Review the transfer details and click 'Confirm'.
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