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How do I earn rewards with my GXS Debit Card?

If you love a good surprise, simply charge at least S$10 or more to your GXS Debit Card and receive an instant cash reward for every eligible transaction! You'll be able to earn cash rewards of up to S$5 per eligible transaction, which will be credited directly into the main account of your GXS Savings Account.

Do also note that some transactions do not qualify as Eligible Transactions, including:

  • Grab transactions in Singapore
  • Bank, third-party mobile or payment wallets
  • Securities, investment or brokerage platforms
  • Cryptocurrency platforms
  • Remittance services / platforms
  • Store-value card topups
  • Gambling and betting service providers
  • Quasi-cash transactions and ATM withdrawals
  • Religious, Political, Charitable and Social Service organisations
  • Any other categories or transactions which we may exclude from time to time

This exclusions list is non-exhaustive, so please refer to our Rewards Terms and Conditions for more details.

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