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How do I earn rewards with my GXS Debit Card?

If you love a good surprise, simply charge at least S$10 or more to your GXS Debit Card and receive an instant cash reward for every eligible transaction!

To receive your cash reward successfully, do ensure that the balance in your GXS Savings Account, after crediting the cash reward, is not more than your maximum balance amount your GXS Savings Account can have. Unfortunately, we will not be able to credit the reward if:

  • Your maximum balance amount of your GXS Savings Account has been reached, at the time of the Cash Reward crediting
  • The crediting of the Cash Reward will cause the balance amount of your GXS Savings Account to be reached

Do also note that some transactions do not qualify as Eligible Transactions, including: 

  • Grab transactions in Singapore
  • Bank, third-party mobile or payment wallets
  • Securities, investment or brokerage platforms
  • Cryptocurrency platforms
  • Remittance services / platforms
  • Store-value card topups
  • Gambling and betting service providers
  • Quasi-cash transactions and ATM withdrawals
  • Religious, Political, Charitable and Social Service organisations
  • Any other categories or transactions which we may exclude from time to time

This exclusions list is non-exhaustive, so please refer to our Rewards Terms and Conditions for more details.

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