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What type of invoices, bills or receipts can I submit?

We accept the following as proof of invoices:

  1. Soft copies of bills, invoices, receipts or credit card statements may be submitted.
  2. These must be an official document containing:
  • Full name of the issuing entity 
  • Transaction amounts in Singapore dollars
  • Date of transactions
  • Description of goods or services purchased

3. For customers who participated in Reward 2, bills must be dated between 1 November and 31 December 2023

4. For existing GXS FlexiLoan customers who did not participate in Reward 2, bills must be dated between 1 May and 31 December 2023

5. Multiple bills are accepted, capped at 3 in total. If more than 3 bills are submitted, the 3 bills or transactions with the lowest values will be used.

The following bills are examples of what will not be accepted:

1. Bills that GXS determines or reasonably believes to be associated with purchases or payments for or in connection with:

  • any illicit, illegal or fraudulent activity
  • Gambling or any similar activity
  • Political activities or donations
  • Downpayment of any property
  • Motor vehicle purchase
  • Repayment of a debt or credit facility (including repaying a credit card or other loan facility)
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