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How do I qualify for the CNY First Spend Promotion ?

You'll qualify if as a GXS Savings Account customer, you have during the CNY First Spend Promotion period, successfully perform:

(a) Your first Dash Eligible Transaction;

(b) Your first Grab Eligible Transaction;

(c) Your first Eligible Transaction on your GXS Debit Card; or

(d) Your first PayNow transaction (including via scan QR) to a UEN payee using funds from the Main Account of your GXS Savings Account via the GXS app, of min S$5 (each a “CNY First Spend”), shall be entitled to receive a cash reward of S$5 (“CNY First Spend Reward”).

The CNY First Spend Promotion and CNY First Spend Reward are available only to eligible customers who, during the Promotion Period, perform a CNY First Spend. Eligible customers who have performed your first Dash Eligible Transaction, Grab Eligible Transaction, Eligible Transaction on your GXS Debit Card or UEN payment transaction prior to the Promotion Period are not eligible to receive a CNY First Spend Reward.

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